A small selection of NOVUS staplers for home and professional use.

Our brand name


As the oldest division in the Erwin Müller Group, NOVUS has manufactured staplers since 1949. The company now leads the market for desktop staplers, thanks to its perfect, innovative technology. In the Fastenings business, the company supplies a complete range of reliable tools - from small hand tackers to powerful electric tackers for professionals. The range also include blind riveting tools.        


1949: The NOVUS Stapler Technology Division is founded.

141 employees

Production area approx. 6300 m²

Fields of business: office systems, fastening systems


Fastening systems:


Hand tackers, electric tackers, compressed-air tackers, fasteners, blind riveting tools, rivets


National and international sales

STEINEL Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG, Herzebrock


Target groups

Hardware stores, DIY stores