Quality and ecological responsibility are inextricably linked at Novus.

Quality & Environment

The Grüner Punkt, Duales System Deutschland

Environmental protection: a matter of course for Novus

Ecological responsibility is a duty for Novus. Based on the eco-management system DIN EN ISO 14001 which is valid throughout the world, environmental considerations take priority no matter how small the product. All fasteners are galvanized and not copper plated, and all plastic products are made from material which can be fully recycled. All parts can be disassembled and therefore disposed of simply and separately. All packaging materials are produced without environmentally harmful dyes and lacquers and feature the "Green Dot" indicating that they can be recycled. The great durability of all Novus products is not only more economical for the customer, but is also the most effective, prospective way to protect the environment in the long run.

Certificate of Tested Safety: TÜV Nord

Safety and quality: something to rely on with Novus  

"Safety First" is the rule for Novus. Every tool has been awarded various safety certificates to protect the user: electric and compressed-air tackers comply with CE regulations; some tackers feature the GS (Tested Safety) mark; electric tackers feature approval by VDE and other European safety agencies. Safety also applies for Novus quality: NOVUS GmbH & Co. KG in Lingen manufactures its products according to quality standards so that quality remains an integral part of the corporate philosophy. The coveted certificate to DIN EN ISO 9001 guarantees that the design, materials, production and distribution of Novus products are of consistently high quality.

Durability ensured by a 2-year warranty.

The Novus guarantee - durability always pays 

Reliability is important for Novus. The tackers are designed and built to function perfectly at all times, even in continuous duty. Novus gives a 2-year guarantee on the absence of design and material defects for all products.