Blind rivets permanently join two items together.
Using a NOVUS blind riveting tool you can easily create a permanent joint between two items.


What is "riveting"?

Riveting is a professional fastening method in which 2 workpieces are joined (riveted) together.

Whereas a blind rivet joins the workpieces permanently, a workpiece can screw-fitted by using a rivet nut via an internal thread.

Please find the steps here.

What is a blind rivet?

 Once the rivet shaft has broken off, a firm joint is provided between two riveted items.

A blind rivet is a special form of rivet, which require access to only one (usually the outer) side of the component.

What is a rivet nut?

 Another item can be screwed into the rivet nut's thread.

A rivet nut is another form of a rivet, which you can screw a component on due to the inner metric thread.

Benefit of riveted joints

  •  Compared to screws blind rivets have the advantage that you
  • need no threads in any component.
  • The connection is permanent and removable only by destruction.
  • Blind rivets requires access to only one (usually the outer) side of
    the component.
  • To set a blind rivet is very easy, fast and uncomplicated.
  • The quality of a blind rivet connection is easily visible (without
    measuring) on the mandrel head.