The right staple is the be-all and end-all in using a tacker. NOVUS has the right staples for any project.
NOVUS fasteners: fine-wire, flat-wire, narrow-crown, round staples and nails.



Galvanized and copper-plated versions predominate, although the copper- plated versions should not be used for environmental reasons.     


NOVUS exclusively uses galvanized steel wire of varying degrees of hardness. Leg lengths over 8 mm should be made of harder wire so that they can be driven into the material without bending. Rule of thumb: the longer the fastener, the harder the wire.      

Staple length  

Please note the following empirical value with regard to the staple length: 1/3 staple length for the material to be fastened, 2/3 staple length for the substrate material. A ratio of 1:1 is sufficient if hardwood is used as  substrate material.      

All the NOVUS fasteners (staples and nails) have been summarized here. Which fastener is best for a particular material is shown under the heading Suitable materials in Products:Fasteners.