NOVUS tacker models: hammer tackers, airtackers, electric tackers, cordless tackers and hand tackers.
NOVUS hammer tackers, airtackers, electric tackers, cordless tackers and hand tackers (from left to right)

Tacker types

"Never use a hammer to crack a nut." The same basic principle also applies here. Tackers are fastening tools for a whole variety of very different tasks. Which means that the best tool must be chosen for every job.

There are three different types of actuation. 

Hand tackers

In hand tackers, a pretensioned spring is released and thrusts the driver against the fastener, accelerating it and driving it into the material. In technically sophisticated tools, this spring takes the form of a leaf spring, as it guarantees maximum acceleration (= maximum impact power). In addition, this triggering technique permits low-recoil stapling - and that is essential for working without fatiguing.

Hand tackers are preferably used for fastening films and fabrics..


Electric tackers

The actuating mechanism of an electric tacker uses an electric force to drive the fastener into the material. In the current state of the art, this is achieved by accelerating a piston with the aid of an electromagnetic force so that it catapults the driver against the fastener and drives it into the material.

The force is generated by a coil which is briefly energized. The pulse of current can be varied electronically to produce a different impact power.  

For using the advantages of an electric tacker and not to be restricted to any particular place of use, you can take a cordless tacker.  

Electric tackers and cordless tackers have their limitations when staples have to be inserted in a very rapid, continuous firing sequence (industrial applications).


Compressed-air tackers

Compressed-air tackers are based on the principle of a piston accelerating and driving home the fastener with the aid of compressed air.

Compressed-air tackers are much faster in their piston speed than hand or electric tackers, allowing the user to work without recoil and without fatiguing.  

Mobility is limited, as compressed-air tackers must always be operated in combination with a compressor. 


Cordless tackers

The cordless tacker is ideal for generalpurpose use beyond the reach of a power socket. What's more, they come with all the benefits of an electric tacker.


Hammer tackers

Hammer tackers are suitable for all applications in which speed is more important than precision fastening. Extremely simple to use, they are the perfect choice for fastening roofing felt, sheeting and linings.