Professional tackers for fastening technology

Novus staple guns

Quality tools for professionals.

Tackers for handicrafts from Novus

Do it yourself!

Easily realise your creative
ideas with the tacker

Rivet guns for lasting connections

Novus riveting tools

For lasting connections.

Hammer tackers for quick tacking

The new hammer tackers

Extremely quick and easy tacking.

Fastening technology
for universal work.

Novus fastening technology supplies staple guns and rivet guns for professional tradespeople and creative hobbyists. Our tools combine German safety standards with our commitment to making your work easier. Universal tacker staplers for diverse requirements. Highly efficient special staple guns for ergonomic, fast and safe work, for instance, for insulating or panelling.

We have the ideal hand staplers, electric staple guns, cordless staple guns, pneumatic staple guns and hammer tackers for your projects.

Fastening technology
for many areas.

Novus supplies staple guns and staple gun supplies for professional workshops and do-it-yourself. There is an optimal staple for every material to be worked. For the perfect hold.


For upholstering chairs and sofas or for fixing furniture backs. Our upholstery staple guns are the ideal tools.

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Tacker für Stoffe von Novus

Realise creative ideas with fabrics and transform rooms. With the right staple guns and staples for working with fabrics.

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Tacker für Holz von Novus

Many things are fastened to wood, indeed, in panelling, even wood is stapled to wood. You can find the various staplers for wood.

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    Novus fastening
    Fast. Strong. Secure.

    We develop and produce high-quality staple guns and riveters – and have done for decades.

    Making your daily work easier is our mission statement, and the benchmark against which we measure our actions and products. That's why, in our own research and development centre, our team of experienced staff develops staple guns that assist you in your work.

    With our help, you can work faster, more accurately and with improved ergonomics. In the areas of development, production and quality, our products meet the highest standards. We manufacture in our own factories all over the world, which means we guarantee the highest quality from concept through to production.

    Do-it-yourself. Put creative ideas into
    effect with Novus.

    Find tips and suggestions for DIY projects in our workshops. We explain step by step how you can easily realise the projects with our fastening technology.

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    Dachboden isolieren mit Tackern von Novus
    Insulating lofts

    Insulate your attic yourself and reduce your energy costs!

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    Stühle polstern mit Tackern von Novus
    Upholstering chairs

    A newly upholstered chair can transform the ambience of any room.

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    Teich bauen mit Tackern von Novus
    Creating a mini-pond

    Even a small mini-pond transforms a terrace or balcony into an idyll.

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    We will show you
    how to do it!

    In our video tutorials, we’ll give you tips on how to use our staple guns like a
    professional. Discover all the practical features and functions.
    Click here for our video tutorials!

    From production to use.

    You can find out more about the production and quality of Novus fastening technology and our staple guns in our company video.