Riveting material for permanent joins

Permanent joints for sheet metal, plastic, leather, etc.

Attach signs and car accessories, fasten house and garden tools, leather articles and children’s toys, and much more besides. Novus rivet guns, also known as hand riveters and rivet tools, are the ideal tools for precise work. Use blind rivet pliers to join two workpieces together quickly, easily and permanently. Or install a thread even in hard-to-reach places with blind rivet nut pliers.

Befestigung mit Blindnietzangen
What are blind rivet pliers?

Blind rivet pliers are used when two workpieces need to be permanently joined together.

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What are blind rivet nut pliers?

A blind rivet nut is another form of rivet that allows a workpiece to be screwed on thanks to its internal metric thread.

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Rivet guns are used here.

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Attaching signs

Rivet guns are ideal for fastening signs in places that are only accessible from one side.

Karosseriearbeiten mit Handnietzange ausführen
Attaching a licence plate

Rivet guns are also particularly suitable for DIY-ers. They make car body work possible, for instance, and make short work of fitting seasonal licence plates.

Tasche neu vernieten mit Handnietzange
Riveting a handbag

Hand riveters are also particularly good for quick repairs. Fitting new rivets on a handbag, for instance.

Advantages of riveted joints


  • In comparison to screws, the advantage of rivets is that no thread is made in any of the components.
  • The connection is permanent and can only be broken by destroying it.
  • It only requires access to one (usually the outer) side of the component.
  • Setting a blind rivet is quick, easy and straightforward.
  • The quality of a form-fit rivet connection can be determined visually (without the need to measure) from the form of the closing head.



  • Washers should be used when riveting soft materials such as leather or plastic.
  • To avoid contact corrosion, the workpiece and rivet should be made of the same material for metal joints.

All products and additional tips at a glance – in the riveting tools handbook!

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