Blind rivets and rivet nuts for rivet guns

Corrosion-free fastenings using the right material.

Our riveting materials meet the highest quality standards. This ensures that your connection remains stable. We have rivets in a variety of sizes, so they can be used with rivet guns from many different manufacturers. The use of aluminium, steel and copper prevents corrosion when inserted in sheet metal in the same material.

Blindniet als Nietmittel
What is a blind rivet?

A blind rivet is a special form of rivet that requires access to only one (usually the outer) side of the component.

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Blindnietmutter als Nietmittel
What is a blind rivet nut?

A blind rivet nut is another form of rivet that allows a workpiece to be screwed on thanks to its internal metric thread.

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The right riveting material
for your material.

To be able to rivet two workpieces together, you need to know the material’s thickness and composition. Novus supplies aluminium, steel and copper-blind rivets, and aluminium and steel blind rivet nuts in various sizes for different applications.

Aluminium Niet als Nietmittel verwenden
Aluminium rivets

For working with non-ferrous metals, plastics, lightweight materials, leather and fabric.

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Advantages of using rivet guns

  • In comparison to screws, the advantage of riveting materials is that no thread is made in any of the components.
  • The connection is permanent and can only be broken by destroying it.
  • It only requires access to one (usually the outer) side of the component.
  • Setting riveting material is quick, easy and straightforward.
  • The quality of a form-fit rivet connection can be determined visually (without the need to measure) from the form of the closing head.

Riveting materials are ideal for many applications.

Dauerhaft verbinden mit Blindnietzange
Fastening metal sheets

Our blind rivet pliers are ideal for fastening sheet metal securely and quickly.

Blindnietzange für alltägliche Arbeit
Fitting a mudguard

DIY-ers can use blind rivet pliers for everyday jobs such as fitting mudguards.

Blindnietmutterzange zur Befestigung
Fastening signs

Novus blind rivet nut pliers are ideal for attaching signs in places that are only accessible from one side.



  • Washers should be used when riveting soft materials such as leather or plastic.
  • To avoid contact corrosion, the workpiece and rivet should be made of the same material for metal joints.