Product selection of staple gun staples

Large selection for all applications.

We supply high-quality staple gun staples. The choice of the right type of staple gun staples is crucial for a stable join. That’s why we have the optimal staple for every common application. Using Novus quality staples guarantees that the staple and staple gun fit together perfectly.

We offer fine wire staples for the least possible damage. Durable flat wire staples, narrow crown staples for panelling and high-quality stainless steel staples for staple guns. The stapling result is professional, durable and resilient.

Feindrahtklammer für Gewebebefestigung | Tackerklammern von Novus
Fine wire staples

are mainly used for fastening fabrics. The thin staple causes minimal damage to the material.

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Flachdrahtklammer zur Verarbeitung von Folien | Tackerklammern von Novus
Flat wire staples

are particularly suitable for working with sheeting. The staple’s flat back fixes the sheeting and secures it against tearing.

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Schmalrückenklammer für Vertäfelungsarbeit | Tackerklammern von Novus
Narrow crown staples

are particularly used for panelling work with and without cladding clips.

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Fast unsichtbare Befestigung mit Tackernägeln
Staple gun nails

are used to quickly fasten decorative trims and corner mouldings. Thanks to their tiny head, staple gun nails are almost invisible.

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This is how
the staple holds best

You're always sure of good results with the right staple length. So you should use 1/3 staple length for the fastening material, and we recommend 2/3 staple length for the anchoring material. If you are using a hardwood as the anchoring material, a 1/1 ratio is enough.

The right staple
for your tool!

Find the right staple for your staple gun in our staple finder.
Even if you don’t have a Novus staple gun, we’ll tell you which of our staples to use!

The Novus staple quality.

Novus offers the right size and length of fasteners for every task. They are manufactured with the latest technology from the very best materials. Novus only uses steel wires with a galvanised surface – for high environmental compatibility and optimum rust protection.

The V2A stainless steel staples are particularly suitable for permanent outdoor use. From a length of 8 mm, only hard wire is used. The term “super-hard” denotes a steel wire of the highest strength and thus documents the staple’s stability.