Fastening with stainless steel flat wire staples

Flat wire staples from Novus

For fastening sheeting, aluminium laminations, paper/cardboard, and wax and oil papers, the best choice is flat wire staples. The wide, flat staple lies perfectly on the material so that nothing can tear out. There are various types of flat wire staple in the Novus range. The D type 53F staple is ideal for electric tackers and hand tackers. The G type 11 staple is the right staple for hammer tackers. Novus also has the R type 50 staple in its range for use in some tools from other manufacturers (e.g. Black & Decker).

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Which staples does my tacker use?

Find the right staple for your tacker in our staple finder.
Even if you don’t have a Novus tacker, we’ll tell you which of our staples to use!

Flat wire staples are particularly suited to these tasks.

Folie tackern mit Flachdrahtklammern
Building a cold frame

A made-to-measure cold frame is quickly built with a tacker and the appropriate flat wire staples. Do it yourself for the garden.

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Dachboden isolieren mit Flachdrahtklammern, Folienklammern
Insulating lofts

Flat wire staples are particularly suitable for roofing work. We’ll show you how to use our strong staples correctly.

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Miniteich bauen mit Flachdrahtklammern, Folienklammern
Creating a mini-pond

A small mini-pond transforms a terrace or balcony into an idyll. Flat wire staples are ideal for attaching sheeting.

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Our fasteners are just the job.

Novus offers the right size and length of fasteners for every task.
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