Narrow crown staple, panel staples, 6-mm-wide tacker staples from Novus

Narrow crown staples from Novus

The narrow crown staple is the ideal staple for difficult wood and panelling work – whether with or without profile cladding clips. Durable and strong, it is suitable for fastening tongue-and-groove boards, panels, fibreboards and wire mesh, among other things.

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Which staples does my tacker use?

Find the right staple for your tacker in our staple finder.
Even if you don’t have a Novus tacker, we’ll tell you which of our staples to use!

Narrow crown staples are particularly suited to these tasks.

Paneelklammern mit Profilkralle beim Vertäfeln
Panelling with clips

Narrow crown staples are particularly suitable for panelling work. The panels can be fitted with profile cladding clips ...

Paneelklammern tackern ohne Profilkralle
Panelling without clips

... or without profile cladding clips, and just with the help of the narrow crown staples.

Draht befestigen mit Tackerklammern 6mm breit
Fastening wire

Our narrow crown staples also provide the necessary hold when fastening wire.

Narrow crown staples are just the job for panelling.

And the Novus J-165 is the perfect tacker for working with narrow crown staples.
Discover the advantages for wood and panelling work in the video!