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We have the optimal staple gun for every type of DIY and hobby work. For work made to last, electric or cordless staple guns are the best; small jobs can easily be done with hand staple guns. Where precision work is not essential, we recommend a hammer tacker as an alternative to nails.

Elektrische Tacker zum Isolierarbeiten durchführen
Electric staple guns

When an electric staple gun is actuated, electric power is used to drive the fastener into the material. Electric staple guns are particularly useful for time-consuming jobs.

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Tacker mit Akku von Novus
Cordless staple guns

Cordless staple guns can be used universally and in any location. What is more, they have the powerful and impressive advantages of an electric staple gun: easy to operate, with effortless stapling.

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Pneumatische Tacker von Novus
Pneumatic staple guns

With pneumatic staple guns, the focus is on professional use. Thanks to the exceptional power with which they fire staples, even difficult upholstery and panelling work is no problem.

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Novus Tacker für Haushalt und Heimwerker
Hand staplers

Hand staplers can be used universally around the home, for DIY jobs and in professional trade work. They are ideal for a huge range of tasks.

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Fastening technology
for many areas.

Novus supplies staple guns and staple gun supplies for professional workshops and do-it-yourself. There is an optimal staple for every material to be worked. For the perfect hold.

Polstern mit Novus Tackern

For upholstering chairs and sofas or for fixing furniture backs. Our furniture staple guns are the ideal tools.

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Tacker für Stoffe von Novus

Realise creative ideas with fabrics and transform rooms. With the right staple guns and staples for working with fabrics.

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Tacker für Holz von Novus

Many things are fastened to wood, indeed, in panelling, even wood is stapled to wood. You can find the various staple guns for wood.

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Choosing the right staple gun.

  • How thick is your material? You can calculate the optimum staple length by using 1/3 staple length for the fastening material and 2/3 staple length for the anchoring material.
  • When the anchoring material is hardwood, a 1:1 ratio is enough.
  • Once you know which staples you want to use, you can select the right staple gun for the job. Consider whether you want to use a hand staple gun or an electric one, for instance.
  • In addition, our devices have some features that make your work easier, such as a distance holder for parallel stapling.
  • To help you decide faster, use our staple gun finder to find the right staple gun for your application.

Tacking – was is that exactly?

It is driving in staples, nails or pins with the help of a tool. Or: working more easily, faster and with less effort than with a hammer and nail. Whichever way you look at it, tacking has a huge advantage: the tool and the fastener are coupled together, so the hand that previously had to position the workpiece exactly is now free to use for other things! Of course, tacking is not always a substitute for nailing, screwing or gluing. But in many cases tacking has already replaced traditional techniques – wherever screws are too expensive, nailing is difficult or too time consuming, or gluing is impractical or even harmful to the environment.

Our stapler assortment in the overview

All products and additional tips at a glance – in the staple gun manual!

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