J-214 Li-Ion

Cordless staple gun J-214 Li-Ion

The practical cordless tacker with lithium-ion accu, without memory effect and self-discharge.

  • Ideal for fastening of fabrics/ textiles, thin metal labels, wire netting and thin wooden strips.
  • Ideal for fastening of decorative profiles and corner mouldings.

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Do it right.
That's what the Cordless staple gun J-214 Li-Ion can do.

  • upholster
  • decorative muldings

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  • Cordless staple gun J-214 Li-Ion
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Many details and product features facilitate the work and support precise work.


Our devices are flexible and suitable for many different applications.

Cordless staple gun J-214 Li-Ion

The ideal tacker for individual work at home, for hobby or decoration. With blank firing guard for added safety, practical LED light for illuminating the work area, bottom-loading mechanism, impact power adjuster and staple inspection window. Supplied in a case.

Article number 031-0356
EAN Code 4009729053683
Gross weight in g 1.719 kg
Pulse repetition rate 30 shots/min
battery lithium-ion
Warranty Novus offers a warranty of 2 years when handled in a proper manner.
Product details
  • Staple inspection window showing how many staples are left.
  • Quick-Loading-System: Bottom-loading mechanism with safety lock release for refilling staples easily.
  • Recoilless operation.
  • Immediately ready for use after pushing back the trigger catch.
  • Electronic impact power adjuster for adjustment to the material.
  • Blank firing guard prevents the tacker from being fired until it is pressed against the material being fastened.
  • User-friendly cordless tacker for general-purpose use away from any power point.
  • Takes fine wire staples up and nails up to 14 mm.
  • Supplied in a practical carrying case.
  • Removable lithium-ion rechargeable battery without memory effect and self-discharge.
  • For working where there is no power socket.
  • Practical LED light for illuminating the work area.

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