Effortless tacking.

Electric staple guns can tackle large quantities in a short time, without any effort. They enable powerful tacking, are suitable for time-consuming work and protect your joints. Electric staple guns, also known as electric nailers or electric tackers, are ideal for regular, universal use – especially in the garden. Comfort and safety are the focus of our product development.

We offer electric staple guns for use with different staple types, such as A type 53 fine wire staples and D type 53 F flat wire staples, as well as electric staple guns for use with E type J pin nails and panel staple guns for use with C type 4 narrow crown staples.

Feindrahtklammer für Gewebebefestigung | Tackerklammern von Novus
Fine wire staples

are mainly used for fastening fabrics. The thin staple causes minimal damage to the material.

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Flachdrahtklammer zur Verarbeitung von Folien | Tackerklammern von Novus
Flat wire staples

are particularly suitable for working with sheeting. The staple’s flat back fixes the sheeting and secures it against tearing.

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Schmalrückenklammer für Vertäfelungsarbeit | Tackerklammern von Novus
Narrow crown staples

are particularly used for panelling work with and without cladding clips.

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Fast unsichtbare Befestigung mit Tackernägeln
Staple gun nails

are used to quickly fasten decorative trims and corner mouldings. Thanks to their tiny head, staple gun nails are almost invisible.

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How an electric staple gun works

Electric staple guns use an electromagnetic field. The firing pin is accelerated and drives the fastener into the material. The impact force is adjusted by regulating the current pulse. The design has the disadvantage that tacking operations cannot be carried out at high frequency. For high-frequency tacking, such as for loft extensions, hammer tackers are more suitable. For high-frequency, powerful fastenings in the production environment, pneumatic staple guns are the perfect choice.

Our electric staple guns
in detail.

Sicherung für elektrischen Nagler
Trigger guard

The staple gun is ready to use only after the trigger guard has been flipped. This prevents unintentional triggering.

Klammernsichtfenster bei novus Elektrotackern
Staple window

The open staple channel displays the current fill level of the staples, allowing you to reload in good time.

Elektrotacker mit schmaler Nase
Ultra-slim nozzle

Timber profiles can be fastened directly and precisely in the groove.

Krallenanschlag bei novus Elektrotackern
Panel clip guard

Our panel clip guard makes fastening profile cladding clips easier thanks to exact positioning.

Elektrotacker mit Electric Power Control
Electric Power Control

The right impact force for soft- and hardwood can be adjusted on the back of the staple gun.

Elektrotacker mit Nachschlagfunktion
Multi-stroke function

Any staples that have not been fully driven in are reliably driven into the material with the multi-stroke function.

Einfache Störungsbeseitigung bei novus Elektrotackern durch Schnappverschluss
Snap lock

The snap lock enables quick jam clearance.

Elektrotacker mit besonders niedriger Bauhöhe
Low overall height

Compact and easy to handle with a low overall height.

Elektrotacker mit integriertem Klammerschieber
Integrated staple pusher

Staple pusher connected to the tool for easy reloading.

parallel tacking.

With the help of the distance holder, a row of staples
can be tacked absolutely parallel on the same level.

Integrated distance holder on staple gun electric

Our electric staple guns
in use.

Our electric staple guns use different staple types for a variety
of applications. We will show you the strengths and features of
our electric staple guns in detail. Watch the video now!

Electric tackers compared

Which electric tacker uses which kind of staple, making it the best choice for a specific task? What features are there?

And what is the difference between the J-165 and the panel tacker J-165 Panel? See all our electric tackers compared:

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DIY jobs with
electric staple guns.

Elektrotacker zum Dachboden isolieren
Insulating lofts

Electric staple guns are particularly suitable for many roofing jobs. We will show you how to use our powerful electric staple guns correctly.

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Vertäfeln mit Elektrotackern von Novus

Electric staple guns are ideal for panelling work. Helpful features such as the panel clip guard make your work easier and you faster!

Möbel mit Elektrotacker bauen
Furniture making

Electric staple guns are excellent for furniture making, such as upholstery work or installing furniture backs.

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