J-165 extra power

Electric staple gun J-165 extra power

The extremely low-recoil, universal tacker for professional upholstering, insulation work and panelling with tongue-and-groove clips.

  • Ideal for fastening of fabrics/ textiles, thin metal labels, wire netting and thin wooden strips.
  • Ideal for fastening of foils/sheeting, aluminium-laminated products, paper/ card, waxed and oiled papers and labels
  • Ideal for fastening of decorative profiles and corner mouldings.

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That's what the Electric staple gun J-165 extra power can do.

  • upholster
  • isolate

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  • Electric staple gun J-165 extra power
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Many details and product features facilitate the work and support precise work.


Our devices are flexible and suitable for many different applications.

Electric staple gun J-165 extra power

With long nozzle for precision results. Featuring rear-loading mechanism with integrated staple pusher, snap lock, multistroke function, impact adjustment and staple inspection window.

Article number 031-0326
EAN Code 4009729014547
Gross weight in g 2.229 kg
Cable length in m 3.5 m
Pulse repetition rate 20 shots/min
line voltage 220 V / 50 H
Warranty Novus offers a warranty of 2 years when handled in a proper manner.
Product details
  • Staple inspection window showing how many staples are left.
  • Precise-Plus: Long nozzle for precision fastening at hard-to-reach places.
  • Recoilless operation.
  • Immediately ready for use after pushing back the trigger catch.
  • Interchangeable front plate for switching from working with fine wire staples and nails to flat wire staples.
  • Electronic impact power adjuster for adjustment to the material.
  • Electronic multistroke function for completely countersinking the fastener if necessary.
  • Snap lock provides easy access for rapid troubleshooting.
  • Powerful professional tacker for low-recoil upholstering, insulating and panelling work.
  • Takes fine wire staples up to 20 mm, flat wire staples up to 18 mm and nails up to 19 mm.

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