J-165 Panel

Electric staple gun J-165 Panel

The extremely low-recoil panelling tacker is also suitable for fastening standard panelling clips.

Suitable for the following staples:

  • Ideal for fastening of decorative profiles and corner mouldings.
  • Ideal for fastening of tongue-and groove boards, panelling, fibreboard and wire netting.

Do it right.
That's what the Electric staple gun J-165 Panel can do.

  • panelling
  • decorative muldings

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  • Electric staple gun J-165 Panel
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Electric staple gun J-165 Panel

With long nozzle for precision results. Featuring rear-loading mechanism with integrated staple pusher, snap lock, multistroke function, impact adjustment and staple inspection window.

The quality statement "German Engineering" ensures that a product was developed according to German quality standards by our engineering experts. All Novus products carrying the "German Engineering by Novus" signet are manufactured in our own plants around the world by our own workforce, managed and supervised by our headquarters in Germany. Carries the GS Intertek test mark
Article number 031-0324
EAN Code 4009729011799
Gross weight 2.089 kg
Loading capacity
  • 110 x Nail E model J
  • 125 x Narrow crown staple C model 4
Cable length in m 3.5 m
Pulse repetition rate 20 shots/min
line voltage 220 V / 50 H
Examples of workable materials
  • Hardboard (2-6 mm)
  • Decorative moulding / corner mouldings
  • Tongue-and-groove boards / panelling with clips for walls and ceiling
  • Tongue-and-groove boards / panelling without clips, attached directly
  • Mineral fibreboard (4-10 mm)
  • Plywood (4-10 mm)
Product details
  • Takes narrow crown staples of 15 to 26 mm and nails up to 25 mm
  • Precise nozzle: Extra-fine nozzle allows for precise work in hard-to-reach places and direct mounting of tongue-and-groove boards into the side of the groove.
  • Staple Indicator: Easily visible staple level
  • Safety Lock: Immediately ready for use after pushing back the trigger catch
  • Electronic impact power adjuster for adjustment to the material
  • Easy Troubleshooter: Snap lock provides easy access for rapid troubleshooting



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