Extremely quick and easy tacking.

Hammer tackers are fast! These tackers, also known as hammer staplers, or hammer staple guns, are used like their namesake. Hammer tackers are a good choice whenever large quantities and high working speeds are required, and precision is less important.

The professional J-055 hammer tacker is the perfect aid for continuous use in roof extensions or drywall construction. It uses G type 11 flat wire staples up to 14 mm long, and its many product features make work easier. The Novus J-044 hammer tacker is the ideal model for professional use on construction sites. It uses flat wire staples up to 12 mm long.

Perfect for attaching sheeting, the J-033 is suitable for universal use with staples up to 10 mm long. The handy Novus J-022 ​hammer tacker uses H type 37 fine wire staples and is excellent for quickly fastening thin carpets, textiles and fabrics.

Feindrahtklammer für Gewebebefestigung | Tackerklammern von Novus
Fine wire staples

are mainly used for fastening fabrics. The thin staple causes minimal damage to the material.

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Flachdrahtklammer zur Verarbeitung von Folien | Tackerklammern von Novus
Flat wire staples

are particularly suitable for working with sheeting. The staple’s flat back fixes the sheeting and secures it against tearing.

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Schmalrückenklammer für Vertäfelungsarbeit | Tackerklammern von Novus
Narrow crown staples

are particularly used for panelling work with and without cladding clips.

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Fast unsichtbare Befestigung mit Tackernägeln
Staple gun nails

are used to quickly fasten decorative trims and corner mouldings. Thanks to their tiny head, staple gun nails are almost invisible.

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Even faster.
The new tackers.

Discover the new hammer tackers and staplers from Novus. Even faster.
Even more precise. For professional work on the building site or around the home.

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Features that make your work easier.

Whether you’re using them in your own tool shed or for professional and continuous use on a building site, Novus hammer tackers impress with their features, which make your work noticeably easier.

Starker Schlagtacker für die Baustelle & für Dachdecker

Additional power transmission guarantees staples up to 14 mm long can be driven in effortlessly.

Hammertacker fest verbaut

All parts are firmly attached to the tacker and cannot be lost.

bei Schlagtackern einfach Klammern einlegen

Large loading capacity of up to 175 staples (2 staple strips) for fewer loading operations.

Ergonomischer Griff bei Schlagtackern für Dachdecker

Non-slip handle for safe handling and effortless working.

Robuste Schlagtacker aus Metall

Robust and durable all-metal hammer tacker for use on construction sites.

Schlagtacker Klammerfüllanzeige

Easily visible staple level indicator.


The wide, movable buffer plate on our professional
Novus J-055 hammer tacker provides optimal surface
protection and precise tacking.

Hammertacker für präzises Tackern
Hammertacker für jede Oberfläche dank Prallplatte

Hammer tacker in
practical use.

Experience the advantages and functions of our different
hammer tacker models directly in the video. Watch, and see for yourself!

Novus J-055

For continuous use in roof or drywall construction.
The J-55 uses flat wire staples up to 14 mm long.

Novus J-033

Perfect for fastening sheeting. The J-33
uses flat wire staples up to 10 mm long.

Novus J-044

With flat wire staples up to 12 mm long, the
J-44 supports professional use on building sites.

Novus J-022

Optimal for quickly fastening thin carpets,
textiles and fabrics. Uses H type 37 staples.

Hammer tackers compared


Novus hammer tackers
compared to their competitors

There are countless hammer tackers on the market that achieve good results and make life easier for users. We compared some of the practical features of two devices to those of our large hammer tackers.

Comparison: OTHER vs. Novus J-055

In terms of e.g. size and the staples they take, the two devices are very similar, but we would nonetheless like to compare a few functionalities that might be of interest to you

Comparison: OTHER vs. Novus J-044

Almost identical devices with similar functionalities - but perfection lies in the details. See for yourself whether Novus has the features that make the difference for you.

Work professionally with hammer tackers.

Novus hammer tackers for professional work at home. Whether for loft conversions or for attaching exterior sheeting and roof shingles, hammer tackers can be used universally on any building site.

Schlagtacker zum Außenfolie anbringen
Schlagtacker fpr den Dachbodenausbau
Schlagtacker zum Befestigen von Bitumenschindeln
Schlagtacker für die Baustelle