Hammer staplers for high work speeds

Extremely quick and easy tacking.

Hammer tackers are fast! These tackers, also known as hammer staplers, or hammer staple guns, are used like their namesake. Hammer tackers are a good choice whenever large quantities and high working speeds are required and precision is less important. They are particularly suitable for roof extensions and similar tasks, such as fastening roofing felt, bitumen shingles, underlays or sheeting.

The handy J-021 hammer tacker uses H type 37 fine wire staples, and the professional J-032 hammer tacker uses G type 11 fine wire staples.

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Our hammer tackers in detail.

Schlagtacker mit Klammernstandanzeige
Staple window

The practical staple window indicates the current fill level, so you can reload in good time, without interrupting your work.

Lademechanik bei Hammertacker
Top-loading mechanism

The top-loading mechanism with integrated staple pusher prevents hammer staple gun components from being lost. All the hammer tacker parts are securely integrated.

Angenehmer Griff bei Hammertacker

The ergonomic handle design of our hammer staple guns makes them pleasant to work with.

Practical helper
on the roof.

All the components of our hammer tackers are securely integrated.
This means that, even when reloaded on the roof, no hammer stapler parts can fall or be lost.

Practical hammer staplers

Our hammer tackers
J-021 and J-032.

The J-021 small hammer tacker uses fine wire staples with a length of up to 6 mm.
The J-032 hammer stapler is particularly light and can use flat wire staples of up to 10 mm.
Discover all the features in the video!

Professional DIY jobs with hammer tackers.

Schlagtacker zum Dachausbau
Fastening exterior sheeting

The speed of these practical hammer staple guns is unbeatable for professional loft conversions.

Schlagtacker für professionelles Kisten beschriften.
Labelling crates

Fast work and universal use. For instance, the hammer staple gun can also be used to label crates.

Schlagtacker für professionelles Dachdecken mit Bitumenschindeln.
Fixing bitumen shingles

With a hammer tacker, you can fasten roof shingles to your tool shed quickly and easily.