Universally usable

Flexible and creative. Hand staplers function mechanically and can therefore be used very flexibly. All our hand staple guns take A type 53 fine wire staples, and many take the D type 53 F flat wire staples. They can therefore be used universally on a wide variety of materials. Helpful features make the work easier. For example, the impact force adjustment for working with soft- and hardwood. Hand staplers are a good choice for DIY users and hobbyists.

Our hand staplers can also be used for professional work – the J-29, for instance. This uses not only fine wire staples and flat wire staples but also nails.

Feindrahtklammer für Gewebebefestigung | Tackerklammern von Novus
Fine wire staples

are mainly used for fastening fabrics. The thin staple causes minimal damage to the material.

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Flachdrahtklammer zur Verarbeitung von Folien | Tackerklammern von Novus
Flat wire staples

are particularly suitable for working with sheeting. The staple’s flat back fixes the sheeting and secures it against tearing.

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Schmalrückenklammer für Vertäfelungsarbeit | Tackerklammern von Novus
Narrow crown staples

are particularly used for panelling work with and without cladding clips.

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Fast unsichtbare Befestigung mit Tackernägeln
Staple gun nails

are used to quickly fasten decorative trims and corner mouldings. Thanks to their tiny head, staple gun nails are almost invisible.

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How hand staplers work

When the lever is operated, the driver is accelerated by a leaf spring. This drives the fastener into the workpiece material. Novus hand staplers are equipped with particularly high-quality spring technology. Hand staple guns are especially suitable for precisely positioned fastening of, for instance, sheeting and fabrics; this is the key advantage over hammer staplers.

Our hand staplers
in detail.

Ditanzanschlag an Novus Handtacker
Distance holder

Novus Precise Plus: the long nozzle and the distance holder make very precise work possible, even in hard-to-reach places. Thanks to the distance holder, a parallel row of staples is inserted at the same level.

Schieber für Klammern an Novus Handtacker
Integrated staple pusher

The staple pusher is constructed so that staples can be reloaded quickly and easily. The design ensures that the staple pusher doesn't get lost.

Handtacker mit ergonomischem Griff
Comfort Grip

A structured, rubberised grip provides a secure hold, improving the ergonomics of the hand stapler.

Handtacker mit Klammersichtfenster
Staple window

The open staple channel means you can always see when the tacker needs to be reloaded. This improves the workflow.

Sichereit bei Handtackern
Safety lock release

The patented safety lock release prevents the staple gun being opened and refilled if it is in an unsuitable position.

Handtacker einstellbar für Weichholz

The manual impact force adjustment allows the impact force to be adjusted to the workpiece material (e.g. hardwood, softwood, etc.).

parallel tacking.

With the help of the distance holder, the handheld staple gun
can be used to tack absolutely parallel on the same level.

Distance holder for hand staplers

Hand tackers compared.

Which hand tacker uses which kind of staple, and what are the features of the various devices?

See our hand tackers compared here:

Novus metal hand tackers compared -

test by “selber machen” magazine

For its first issue of 2021, DIY magazine “selber machen” tested our three metal hand tackers J-29, J-27 and J-25. The Novus bestseller J-29 was rated “very good”. It can use fine wire staples, flat wire staples, or nails, making it universally suitable for a wide range of projects, and its long nozzle and helpful distance holder allow precise deployment even in hard-to-reach spots. The J-27 and J-25 were rated “good”: both tackers can use fine wire staples as well as flat wire staples up to 14 mm (J-27) or 10 mm (J-25) in length.

Read the full hand tacker test report here!


Our hand staplers
in action.

Hand staplers can be used universally for a wide range
of materials. And helpful features make the work easier.
Discover all the advantages in the video!

Make creative ideas
come to life with
hand staple guns.

Handtacker zum Polstern
Upholstering chairs

Upholstering: re-covering old chairs is very easy with a hand stapler. You’ll learn how to do it in our workshop.

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Paravent mit Handtacker selber bauen
Building a screen

A screen is a practical room divider. We will show you how you can build a screen yourself very easily with your hand stapler.

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Mit Handtackern Bilder gestalten
Creating wall art

Wall art is an easy way to transform a room's look and feel. We'll explain how you can freshen your walls without brushes or paint.

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