The new J-13 tacker in pink from Novus

The new tacker
in pink: J-13

Do it yourself with the pink stapling tool from Novus

Make your life
more colourful!

YOUR tacker in pink.

Life is more colourful with the Novus J-13: have you ever thought about brightening up your furniture to your own taste with a few simple steps? The pink tacker is not only handy but also particularly reliably fastens a wide range of materials, such as fabrics and textiles, to wood. A tool that looks good while it turns your ideas into realities.

No need for hammer and nails: with this pink tacker, you can put your DIY projects into action quickly and easily. And not only make them a reality but also give your creativity more expression.

Pink stapling tool for everyone

Give free rein to your ideas

Our tacker opens new possibilities and encourages creativity. We have a variety of creative projects ready for you to try your hand at with your pink tacker. Be inspired by home or gift ideas you can make quickly and easily!

For example, a fur stool, a plant hanger or a children's bench.

For handicrafts and DIY:
how the Novus J-13 pink works.

Pinkes Werkzeug, Tacker in pink Griffverriegelung

Safe operation and storage thanks to handle lock when not in use.

Pinker Tacker mit Klammernsichtfenster

Foresighted use, thanks to the staple window showing the current staple fill level and when it’s time to reload.

Pinker Tacker mit ergonomischem Griff

Ergonomic design and outstanding handling for a tool that's comfortable to hold and requires very little effort.

A tacker that has more to it than meets the eye.

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Nachladefunktion bei pinkem Werkzeug Tacker

Work efficiently with the quick reload function.

Pink stapling
tool in use.

The very appearance of our pink tacker shows that there must be more to it than you might think at first sight. A pink stapling tool communicates the fun and enjoyment of being creative, making the J-13 a true lifestyle product.

Thanks to its high-quality plastic housing and the ergonomically shaped handle, this tacker not only sits well in the hand but is also impressively easy to handle, with very little effort. And that holds true for a huge range of materials: this tacker in pink can not only fasten various materials such as fabrics, thin metal labels or wire mesh without any problems but can also be used with thin wooden strips.

Do it yourself:
your creative projects.

Make your home your own. In our workshops, we show you which projects you can carry out with our pink tacker. Step by step, we take you through the individual stages of creating a modern fur stool, a children's bench or a stylish hanging basket with our new product. A pink stapling tool that will also delight your family and friends.

Workshop Fellhocker, Werkzeug pink
Bang on trend: fur stool

Bring a little extravagance into your home – the pink tacker is your go-to helper when you want to build a trendy fur stool.

Workshop Sitzbank, pinker Tacker
Child's play: children's bench

Had enough of off-the-peg children's rooms? Our pink stapling tool helps you to build a colourful, comfortable children's bench.

Pinkes Werkzeug, Pflanzenampel selber machen
Stylish: plant hanger

The pink tacker adds some green to your life: we show you how to create a plant hanger of your own to show your plants off to best effect.

Home and gift ideas that reflect your personal taste.

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Colourful office accessories

Make your office more colourful.

In addition to our new tacker in pink, we also have office materials for you, to add colour to your daily office life. Because a pink stapling tool was just the beginning: offices deserve a little colour, too. Discover our Novus Dahle Color ID range.

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