Panelling with profile cladding clips.

Panel tacker
for panelling

Neat panelling with panel tackers

Lambrissage parfait avec agrafeuses pour lambris.

Les agrafeuses professionnelles pour lambris vous aident à réaliser rapidement et facilement vos travaux de lambrissage. Envie de changer l’ambiance d’une pièce et d’habiller un mur ou un plafond ? De dissimuler le radiateur derrière un joli cache en bois ? Avec les agrafeuses pour lambris, vous ferez un travail de vrai professionnel.


  • Electric staple gun J-165 extra power
    Electric staple gun J-165 extra power

  • Pneumatic staple gun J-328 air power
    Pneumatic staple gun J-328 air power

Panelling is made easy with a panel tacker.

Whether electric or pneumatic tackers – the staple is decisive. C type 4 narrow crown staples are normally used for panelling. They are either driven directly into the side of the groove or fastened with the aid of a standard profile cladding clip.

Vertäfeln mit Profilholzkralle bzw. Krampen
Panelling with profile cladding clips

Profile cladding clips are suitable when working with thin substructures in order to fix short staples securely.

Vertäfelungsarbeiten ohne Profilholzkralle
Panelling without profile cladding clips

Without profile cladding clips, the staples are driven directly into the substructure.

Less tiring

Save your energy! Less tiring panelling with the Novus J-165
electric panel tacker. Professional panelling without long breaks.
We show you the J-165 at work in this video.

Staple like a pro!

For precise work you need a good tool. Novus panel tackers have various features to make your work easier. These include the long nozzle for precise work even in places that are difficult to access, impact force adjustment, staple window and the multi-stroke function that helps when staples have not been driven in fully.

Elektrotacker mit Krallenanschlag
Panel clip guard

Our panel clip guard makes it easier to fasten profile cladding clips thanks toprecise positioning.

Electric Power Control an elektrischem Nagler
Electric Power Control

The right impact force for soft and hard wood can be adjusted at the back of the tacker.

Nachschlagfunktion für Klammern an Tackermaschine elektrisch
Multi-stroke function

The multi-stroke function reliably drives staples that have not gone in fully into the material.