Staple powerfully and professionally without a pause.

Pneumatic staple guns are strong and fast! Their design gives them the advantage of speed and power compared to electric staple guns and hand staplers. Work is absolutely effortless and recoil free.

They are perfect for large quantities and demanding fastenings. Because an external compressor is required for operation, pneumatic staple guns can be used with only limited mobility.

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How a pneumatic staple gun works

A piston driven by compressed air shoots the fastener into the workpiece. Pneumatic staple guns are faster than hand or electric staple guns, so it is possible to work at high speed without tiring and with no recoil. An external compressor is required.

Pneumatische Tacker besonders leise

Our pneumatic staple guns are fitted with a silencer, which reduces noise emissions and their consequences.

Pneumatischer Tacker rückschlagsfrei
Recoil free

Pneumatic staple guns have particularly little recoil. This means the work is exceptionally ergonomic and allows you to work for long periods without tiring.

Pneumatischer Tacker mit Magazin Sicherung
Magazine latch

The latch on our pneumatic staple guns ensures that the magazine is not opened accidentally.

Pneumatische Tacker für schwer zugängliche Stelen
Ultra-slim nozzle

Our pneumatic staple guns have an ultra-slim nozzle for fastening in hard-to-reach places.

Sichere Klammer Magazin in pneumatischem Tacker
Integrated staple pusher

Novus pneumatic staple guns are top-loading devices with an integrated staple pusher for quick and easy loading.

Pneumatischer Tacker besonders sicher
Firing protection

The accidental firing protection prevents the process being triggered if the staple gun is not in position on the workpiece.

besonders leichter pneumatischer Tacker
Light metal body

Thanks to their light metal body, our pneumatic staple guns are particularly suitable for lengthy jobs.

Pneumatischer Tacker mit Krallenführung
Clip guide

Our J-328 panel staple gun comes with a clip guide with trigger guard to guarantee you can work fast and safely when panelling.

Pneumatische Tacker mit Magazin-Sichtfenster
Staple window

The staple window on our pneumatic staple guns allows you to reload in good time and work without interruption.

Professional trade work with pneumatic staple guns.

Pneumatische Tacker zur Polsterung
Upholstering chairs

Pneumatic staple guns are ideal for large-quantity and particularly effortless stapling. For example, for large-scale upholstery work.

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Drucklufttacker für schnelles Arbeiten
Attaching decorative mouldings

On construction sites, pneumatic staple guns can be used for fast, recurring work such as attaching decorative mouldings.

Pneumatische Tacker für Vertäfelung

Pneumatic staple guns are particularly suitable for panelling work. They enable high-frequency, powerful and recoil-free panelling.

Our pneumatic staple guns
in action.

Pneumatic staple guns can be used universally for a wide range
of materials. And helpful features make the work easier.
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