J-328 air power

Pneumatic staple gun J-328 air power

The professional airtacker with light-alloy housing is ideal for panelling work.

Suitable for the following staples:

  • Ideal for fastening of decorative profiles and corner mouldings.
  • Ideal for fastening of tongue-and groove boards, panelling, fibreboard and wire netting.

Do it right.
That's what the Pneumatic staple gun J-328 air power can do.

  • panelling
  • decorative muldings

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  • Pneumatic staple gun J-328 air power
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Pneumatic staple gun J-328 air power

With long nozzle for precision fastening, sound muffler, blank firing guard, top-loading system and integrated staple pusher. Supplied in a practical carrying case.

Article number 032-0034
EAN Code 4009729022382
Gross weight 2.131 kg
Loading capacity
  • 115 x Nail E model J
  • 135 x Narrow crown staple C model 4
Air consumption appox. 0,74 l / shooting at 90 psi
Working pressure 57-100 psi
Working pressure 8 psi
Product details
  • Precise nozzle: Extra-fine nozzle allows for precise work in hard-to-reach places and direct mounting of tongue-and-groove boards into the side of the groove.
  • Supplied in a practical carrying case
  • Silencer: Sound muffler for low noise levels
  • Takes narrow crown staples of 12 to 28 mm and nails up to 30 mm
  • Quick Loading System: Integrated staple pusher for fast reloading
  • Staple Indicator: Easily visible staple level
  • Safety lock: Blank firing guard means staples are only released when tacker is in contact with material.



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