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Fast and easy tacking

Whether you want to tack large areas in a short time or need a precise fastening solution, our professional tackers help you get the job done quickly and easily. Roofers and carpenters in particular will benefit from our powerful high-performance Novus tackers for universal use.
Effortlessly attach vapour barriers, sheeting or insulation materials to wood constructions with our roofing tools. All the Novus tackers in our range are robust, safe and manufactured to the highest standards.
Choose from a range of models to suit your individual needs.

Professional tackers for loft conversions

Energy-saving tackers are the tool of choice for high-frequency roofing work. These jobs often require large areas to be covered in a short time. That’s why roofers and carpenters will especially appreciate our high-speed hammer tackers. Made of durable full metal with a non-slip grip that ensures they lie comfortably in your hand, they help prevent fatigue when working long hours on large jobs.

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Which hammer tacker is the best choice for my project?

Designed for construction work, hammer tackers are extremely versatile and highly durable. Roofers and carpenters will find them ideal for professional use. Our product range includes the right tacker for your application

  • For long-term use in roofing and drywall installation we recommend the Novus J-055. Its additional power transmission makes it easy to drive in staples up to 14 mm in length
  • The J-044 is the ideal tool for professional tasks on construction sites and uses flat wire staples up to 12 mm in length
  • For occasional, universal use or for attaching sheeting we recommend our hammer tacker Novus J-033. It takes flat wire staples up to 10 mm in length
  • Attach thin carpets, webbing or fabric quickly and easily with the Novus J-022, which uses fine wire staples up to 6 mm in length
Hammertacker für präzises Tackern
Hammertacker für jede Oberfläche dank Prallplatte

Fast reloading and firmly attached parts

All parts of the tool are firmly attached to prevent them getting lost on construction sites and causing delays. Our professional models can hold two rows of staples at once, reducing the amount of times you have to interrupt your work to reload. In addition, a staple window shows you how many staples are left. Reloading is fast and easy – press the button to open the magazine, insert your staples, and off you go.
If precision is your priority for tacking jobs – for example in interior construction –, our professional hand tackers or electric tackers for universal use are the perfect choice. They allow you to place your staples exactly where you want them and adjust tacking pressure to the respective material.

  • Hand stapler J-25 metal power
    Hand stapler J-25 metal power

    The small professional tacker with durable, particularly low-recoil, diecast zinc housing for a wide range of different jobs in the home, DiY and workshop.

    • A/H 4-10 mm
    • D/G 4-10 mm
  • Hand stapler J-27 dual power
    Hand stapler J-27 dual power

    Large professional tacker with lightweight, durable aluminium housing for all sorts of different jobs in the home, DIY and workshop.

    • A 6-14 mm
    • D 6-14 mm
  • Hand stapler J-29 high performer
    Hand stapler J-29 high performer

    Strong professional tacker with zinc die-cast housing for all kinds of work around the house and DIY jobs in the workshop.

    • A/H 6-14 mm
    • D/G 6-14 mm
    • E 16 mm
  • Electric staple gun J-102 dual power
    Electric staple gun J-102 dual power

    The attractively priced electric tacker for the home, DiY and decoration.

    • A 6-14 mm
    • D 6-14 mm
  • Electric staple gun J-105 allrounder
    Electric staple gun J-105 allrounder

    The small universal tacker for interior finishing work and decoration.

    • A/H 6-14 mm
    • D/G 6-14 mm
    • E 16 mm
  • Electric staple gun J-165 Panel
    Electric staple gun J-165 Panel

    The extremely low-recoil panelling tacker is also suitable for fastening standard panelling clips.

    • C 15-26 mm
    • E 16-25 mm

Which tacking staples should you use?

To attach e.g. sheeting, aluminium-laminated products, cardboard, or wax or oil paper, flat wire staples are the best choice. They are broad and flat, preventing the material from tearing. The majority of our tacker models use these staples. They are suited for universal application.

Fine wire staples are perfect for attaching materials such as webbing, fabric, thin carpets and strips of wood, or netting wire. These staples are very thin, so the material is barely damaged.

Feindrahtklammer für Gewebebefestigung | Tackerklammern von Novus

werden vor allem für die Befestigung von Geweben genutzt. Der Stoff wird durch die dünne Klammer kaum beschädigt.

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Flachdrahtklammer zur Verarbeitung von Folien | Tackerklammern von Novus

eignen sich besonders für die Arbeit mit Folien. Der flache Klammerrücken fixiert und sichert die Folie gegen Aufreißen.

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How to ensure the best hold

Depending on the model, our devices use staples of different lengths. These should be chosen to suit the material you want to attach. The rule is 1/3 : 2/3 – 1/3 of the length of the staple for the material you want to attach, 2/3 for the wood to which you want to attach it. Example: You want to affix sheeting that is 2 mm thick. You can do this with a 6 mm staple. For tacking onto hard wood, a ratio of 1:1 is sufficient.

Perfect for roofers and carpenters – high-quality tackers by Novus

Use our fast and powerful tackers for roofing and in other skilled trades, and discover their high performance and comfortable handling for yourself.
Novus tackers deliver quality and effectiveness that make roofing work easier.