Tack sheeting, paper and cardboard easily and securely.

Novus tackers are perfect for tacking sheeting. Tack sheeting, paper, cardboard, as well as wax and paraffin paper normally using a flat wire staple. The staple has a wide back that prevents it from falling out to ensure a secure hold. The 1/3 2/3 rule should still be applied here.

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The right staple for sheeting.

The Novus D model 53 F staple can be used with various Novus hand tackers and electric tackers. For tacking sheeting with hammer tackers, there is the special G model 11 staple.

Loft conversion

Sheeting tackers are perfect for tacking vapour barriers for your loft conversions. Sheeting tackers use flat wire staples that have a wide back that prevent them from falling out to ensure a secure hold for your sheeting.

Quick and easy

Hammer tackers use the G model 11 flat wire staple. These are suitable for whenever you need a job done quickly and where precision doesn’t matter.

This is how
the staple holds best.

You're always sure of good results with the right staple length. So you should use 1/3 staple length for the fastening material, and we recommend 2/3 staple length for the anchoring material. If you are using a hardwood as the anchoring material, a 1/1 ratio is enough.

Do it yourself.

Tack sheeting and paper..

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Loft conversion

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