The right staple gun
for wood frames.

All Novus staple guns are suitable for working with wood! the right combination of staple gun and staple is critical for the result of your woodwork.

Generally, with a staple gun, you are joining wood with another material, for instance sheeting or fabric. For every material, there are the right staples, for instance thin fine-wire staples, which cause minimal damage to fabric, or flat wire staples, which lie wide on the sheeting, so that it doesn’t tear out. For panelling work, a narrow crown staple is the perfect choice.

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Stapling wood to wood.

Of course, staple guns can also fasten wood to wood. A classical application for this, for instance, is panelling walls or ceilings. For optimum hold, use the narrow crown staple and an electric staple gun, for instance the Novus J-165 Panel.

This is how the staple
holds best

Simply select the right staple length: You should use 1/3 of the staple length for the fastening material. For the anchoring material, we recommend 2/3 of the staple length. If you are using a hardwood as the anchoring material, a 1/1 ratio is enough.

DIY jobs with wood and staple guns.

Holztacker für Isolierungsarbeiten
Insulating lofts

Good roof insulation insulates against the weather elements and reduces energy costs. You can see in our workshop how you can best insulate your attic.

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Tacker für Polsterarbeiten
Upholstering chairs

Quickly and easily upcycle or redesign chairs with the Novus staple guns for wood. We explain in our workshop how to re-upholster and re-cover chairs.

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Tacker für Holz und Heimarbeiten
Creating a mini-pond

There’s space for a mini-pond on almost every balcony and terrace. Mobile, easy to clean and unique – and quickly and easily built with Novus wood staplers.

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Making an advent calender
in wood.

With our staple guns for wood, you can build this rather special advent calender very easily.
In the video we explain step by step how it works and
which staple gun you should use. Have fun making your own!