Easily build
and repair
furniture yourself.

Our upholstery staple guns are perfectly suited to handyman jobs around the house, trade work and DIY projects such as upcycling, repairing or building furniture, reupholstering furniture, securely fastening furniture backs and much more.

Furniture work is simpler, more precise and easier with upholstery staplers, compared to a hammer and nails.

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Our upholstery staple guns
in detail.

Tacker zum Möbelbau nutzen
Fastening furniture back panels

Thin cupboard backs can be fastened quickly and securely with a upholstery stapler. Stapler nails have a very small head, so are barely visible in the material.

Möbeltacker für Polsterarbeiten
Stapling upholstery

Novus upholstery staple guns are ideally suited for upcycling chairs. Many Novus staple guns use fine wire staples and so are particularly suitable for upholstery work.

The right staple length for furniture building

The important thing is to get the ratio right! The fastening material should make up 1/3 of the staple length and the anchoring material 2/3 of the staple length. If you're using a hardwood as the anchoring material, a 1:1 ratio is enough.

Creative DIY work with upholstery staple guns.

Tacker zum Polstern
Upholstering chairs

Quickly and easily upcycle and repair furniture. We explain in our workshop how you can easily re-cover your chairs.

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Tacker für Polsterarbeiten für DIY
Building a headboard

It’s easy to build a comfortable headboard yourself. Build a headboard quickly and easily with the Novus upholstery stapler and cover it with fabric.

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Tacker für Möbel für Heimarbeiten
Building a screen

With the Novus upholstery staple gun, you can easily build a partition for yourself. As decoration, room divider or privacy screen.

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