Bench for children's room

Children need somewhere they can feel really safe and comfortable. Where they can read, study or just relax. It has to be comfy but also robust and most of all, not be in the way in the children's room. Which is why a children's bench conjured out of a simple Ikea shelf is a really good solution for parents and children: Create storage space and a retreat in one in next to no time - your children will be delighted!


What you will need:

  • a shelf from Ikea, eg. Kallax

  • MDF board, the size of one side of the shelf

  • Foam pad, the size of one side of the shelf

  • Fabric with a colourful children's pattern (the size of one side of the shelf plus a 10 cm allowance on each side)

  • Brackets (for fixing to the wall)

  • Cordless drill and screws

  • Hand stapler, e.g. Novus J-13 and fine wire staples A6 - 10 mm depending on fabric thickness

DIY bench

Here's how in easy steps:


1.  The first step is to spread out the patterned fabric (right side facing down). Next, lay the foam pad onto the fabric and then the MDF board precisely on top of that. If the fabric isn't already cut to size, you can cut it out now, leaving an allowance of about 10 cm of fabric around the board.

Build your bench
Step 1: Lay the fabric, foam pad and MDF board on top of each other.

2. Now fasten the patterned fabric to the MDF board all the way around using the hand tacker.


Tipp: Tip: Let your children help you pull the fabric as tight as possible. It's even more fun if you do it together!

DIY bench
Step 2: Fasten the fabric to the MDF board.

3. The next step is to fasten the upholstered bench to the shelf. To do this, drive the screws through the shelving unit from the inside and into the MDF using the cordless drill (caution: the screws must be long enough).


Then with the help of the brackets, screw the children's bench to the wall, also from the inside, so that it cannot tip over.

DIY bench with Novus Fastening
Step 3: Fasten the upholstered bench to the shelf.

Happy children, happy parents: The new children's bench provides storage space plus a comfy place for your children where they can play, read or relax.


Build your own bench
A perfect place to sit, read or play.