Padding a stool

Don’t take Grandma’s old kitchen stool to the tip – it’s perfect for a makeover. In a few short steps, the stool will become a stylish piece of furniture that not only looks chic but is also comfortable. The new look stool will find its place in even the smallest room - as an eyecatcher and an ideal seat when friends drop in unexpectedly.


What you will need:

  • an old stool

  • sandpaper, if needed, and metallic spray paint (gold or copper)

  • fur or especially fluffy fabric

  • screwdriver

  • scissors, e.g. pink, Novus Colour ID

  • hand tacker, e.g. Novus J-13 and fine wire staples A6 - 10 mm depending on fabric thickness

Upholstering a stool

Here's how in easy steps:


1. With a metal stool, it is quite easy to detach the seat from the frame using a screwdriver. If you wish, roughen the frame a little with the sandpaper and then spray it with metallic paint (preferably outdoors; protect clothing and surrounding area from the spray).

DIY stool
Step 1: Detach the seat from the frame.

2. Now cut the fur or fabric to size for the seat. Allow approx. 5 to 10 cm extra around the edge in addition to the size of the seat.


Tip: Tip: It is best to lay the seat on top of the fur and draw a circle around it, adding 5 to 10 cm, then cut it out.

Upholstering furniture
Step 2: Cut the fur/fabric to the right size.

3. Next, fasten the piece of fur all around to the underneath of the seat using the hand tacker.


DIY stool
Step 3: Fasten the fur to the underneath of the seat using a tacker.

4. Then screw the frame and seat back together with the screwdriver.


Caution: First make sure the metallic spray paint is dry.

Padding a stool
Step 4: Put the stool back together again.

An old stool has quickly become a really chic piece of furniture in just a few easy steps.


Stylish yet practical - now your friends can come round!

Upholstering furniture
Quick and easy, chic and cosy.