Make your own mini football table

Half-time fun for kids and guests: tabletop football

It’s half time in the exciting World Cup game and time is dragging?

Then the only thing to do is have your own game of football.

With a tabletop pitch that you can quickly and easily make at home yourself, you can turn half time into an exciting football game of your own. Use a beer bottle cap or other small playing pieces, and power them into goal with a flick of your finger.

This is what you'll need:

  • wooden board, approx. 40 x 80 cm
  • 2 thin, narrow wooden battens, 15 cm long
  • 4 pieces of dowelling, 7 cm long
  • green felt, 50 x 90 cm
  • white paint
  • wire mesh
  • glue
  • hand tacker, e.g. Novus J-29 with A14 fine wire staples from Novus
  • bottle cap or plastic ball
building a tabletop pitch, materials

And it’s this simple:

1. Cut the green felt to size and place it on the wooden board. Then attach the felt to the board with a hand tacker.

To do this, fold the fabric down at the edges and fasten it to the back. If you want, you can also paint football pitch markings on it.

Making your own tabletop football pitch
Step 1: Staple the green felt to the board.

2. Next, glue the dowelling to the felt with a hot glue gun. With the hand tacker, fix the thin wooden battens to the dowelling at the corners to create a goal at both ends of the playing field. For a typical football look, paint the wood white first.

Making your own table football
Step 2: Glue the goalposts on and staple the battens in place.

3. Now, you need to attach nets to the back of the goals. To do this, cut the goal nets out of a piece of wire mesh to fit the goal fixtures. Then go along the outline of the goals with the tacker and attach the goal nets.

Building a tabletop pitch, instructions
Step 3: Staple the wire mesh goal net to the back of the goalposts.

Now the half-time fun can begin!

Simply flick the plastic ball / bottle cap from goal to goal with your finger.

Building your own tabletop pitch
Half-time match kick-off.